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The status of China electric instrument and meter industry
Update Time: 2012-11-05
Having being developed for over 50 years, China electric instrument and meter industry has formed global scale industrial clusters. Meter and digital multi–meter took the leads in terms of sales volume in the world, export rate reached 15%.
China electric instrument and meter manufacturing industry contains 12 types like: meter, AMR system, power load management system, electromagnetic parameter meter, electromagnetic parameter recording equipment, distribution security test equipment, power supply, test equipment, electric automation system, etc. Service area covers every field in national economic developing.
Power system occupied over 80% of the industry market, determined the needs for electric instrument and meter, especially since the Smart Grid Construction stated in 2009, smart meter as the point of connecting the grid and customers become more important, it is the key point and pioneer of realizing smart grid information, automation and interaction, it directly influence the develop space and direction of power meter industry.